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Adam Scott Tells Us About Rob Corddry's 'Beautiful Penis': Watch

"No, it's weird."

With reporting by Nicole Pajer.

Apparently, there are some things even Rob Corddry won't do -- and those things involve showing off his netherparts.

Speaking to MTV News at a recent press day for his unapologetically raunchy comedy "Hot Tub Time Machine 2," the actor gave a hard pass to the idea of going full-frontal on camera.

"Nobody needs to see this. For me!" Corddry said. "You're good without seeing it." (It should be mentioned that Corddry's penis plays a significant part in "Hot Tub Time Machine"'s whirlwind sequel.)

However, his co-star Adam Scott seemed to disagree. "Rob, you have a beautiful penis," he said. To which Corddry replied, "No, it's weird."

And now we know way more about Corddry's penis than we probably needed to, but hey, it's Friday!

"Hot Tub Time Machine 2" hits theaters on February 20.