Kanye West Has The Perfect Response For A High Fashion Hater

Over the past few years, Kanye West has made it pretty clear that if he doesn't agree with you, you will probably hear about it. (Shouts to George Bush, the 2015 Grammy Awards voters, the people who give out the VMAs...oh wait. *looks around the office shiftly*) So, after Fern Mallis—the esteemed former Executive Director of the CFDA and creator of New York Fashion Week as we know it today—reportedly told the New York Post that she was "over Kanye," it's not hard to believe Ye turned right around and gave her a piece of his mind.

Kanye took to Twitter in the middle of the night to dispatch a series of nine tweets—all in direct reference to Mallis' comments—explaining the hurdles he's come across in the fashion industry, why he doesn't call himself a "designer," and why he's going to keep doing what he's doing. He deleted them all swiftly after, causing some to think this was another one of his so-called "rants," a shoot-from-the-hip moment that he was maybe thinking twice about in hindsight. However, Ye has since re-published the tweets with just one edit: He swapped "Since Fern Mallis," for the more pointed and deliberate "To Fern Mallis:" at the start.

Here's the full text of his tweets in one easy-to-read paragraph:

To Fern Mallis: I just want you to understand that attempting to do clothing has been very difficult and I have encountered countless amounts of bigotry along the way. I have millions of ideas and I represent a new generation just trying to express themselves in a broken world. I don’t call myself a designer as I was not allowed to go to Saint Martins because I was too famous by the time I realized I wanted to design. Fame is often looked down upon in the design world, so it’s actually been something I had to overcome. All we have are our dreams, and you can step on our dreams and ideas all you want, but we won’t stop fighting. We want to innovate and we will win someday. If you wanna have a drink with me, book a table at the spotted pig when I’m back in NY.

I'm glad the tweets are back up because the initial delete felt out of character. While Kanye will often recognize times he may have tripped up expressing his thoughts, he rarely takes things back. And why should he regret anything he wrote in these particular tweets? From my read, he's merely defending his experience with the fashion industry. He even invites her to grab a drink at the very same spot he recently blessed with Taylor Swift. If anything, this might be his most peaceful "comeback" of all time. These tweets suggest a more patient, considered Kanye, one we haven't really seen before, at least not in the public arena. This is not the bombastic, larger-than-life personality behind "I Am A God." Rather, this is a sensitive creative trying something new while trying to respect the artistry that has come before him. (Related: Is The Spotted Pig Kanye West's Camp David/Oval Office now or what?)

Less publicized are Kelly Cutrone's reported comments about Kanye. "I'm not into his fashion thing," the MTV alumna/notorious fashion publicist told People. "I think he's fine as a rapper. I think he's a joke as a fashion designer." Given that Kanye won't even call himself a "designer," this likely shouldn't bother him, and while Cutrone fires shots over Kanye's two very expensive previous Fashion Week shows, he's already abandoned that old way of thinking for his new "Robin Hood of fashion" approach. Kanye's silence on Cutrone's critiques could be because he hasn't heard them yet or because he doesn't feel the need to comment. Either way, regardless of what anyone says, it's clear Kanye is going to keep pushing forward with his vision of the future, and if he's not breaking bread with his haters, he'll be blocking them out.