It's Official: The Most Questionable '90s Trend Is Coming Back

True to our prediction, JNCO Jeans are coming back! While FKA Twigs' love of the exaggeratedly wide leg silhouette could be a factor, praise for JNCO's return should be directed primarily at a Chinese investor, who WWD reports decided to fund the iconic '90s company's revival.

Even better than the mere fact that JNCO—the brand—is coming back, those polarizing 20-23 inch-opening pant legs that were so popular amongst the skater, raver, and mall rat sets in the '90s are also returning as part of a "heritage collection." (Along with a whole new generation of h8ers, probably, but WHO CARES??) JNCO will also be launching two other verticals: a core collection consisting of "traditional styles including a knit jean with a slouchy fit" and a "the fashion group" that will feature "joggers with zip bottoms and a drawstring waist."

Before you even ask, yes, the original JNCO crown logo will be preserved across all three lines. The king of jeans is back.