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Candice Accola Dishes On Steroline, Klaroline, And Tonight's Emotional 'Vampire Diaries' Funeral

Get ready for tears... from Damon?!

Obviously, on any beloved TV series, the death of a fan-favorite character calls for many tissues. But when that character is the mother of "The Vampire Diaries" scene-stealer Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola), who inspires oceans of tears with every heartfelt monologue, desperate times call for desperate measures.

"I would bring a whole box of tissues," Accola told MTV News about Thursday's (February 19) funeral episode, "Let Her Go." "It’s very sad, and it’s very real. I think Damon giving the eulogy for Sheriff Forbes is a really special moment. I think the viewers will really like that. Everyone will get to see Caroline’s reaction after he reads it, and it’s a very special moment."

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Of course, it's a different Salvatore's "moment" with Caroline that had viewers losing their minds last week -- after four-ish seasons of friendship building and the occasional laced-with-meaning stare, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline finally kissed mere moments before Sheriff Forbes' final goodbye. It was a beautiful, well-earned, and ultimately very poorly timed kiss, which Accola says will factor in to Caroline's big decision regarding the relationship.

"She was so emotionally available to him, and he’s been so emotionally available to her, but now... not only has her mother passed, but [it happened] during the one moment where Caroline drops her guard down and allows herself to just be with Stefan and feel something for him," she said. "That’s when her mother passes away, and she’s not there. We’re going to see her deal with that emotionally... they need to have a conversation. Caroline and Stefan had this huge moment happen, and now they really need to talk about it. We will see that; they have a conversation, and the result of that conversation will determine a lot of what happens with them."

... Which is a shame for Steroline shippers, because Accola also noted that things would have moved to the bedroom very fast if it wasn't for Sheriff Forbes' demise.

"I think, had Caroline’s mom not passed away, they probably would have gotten together very quick," she continued. "It would have gone from a slow burn to a giant fire."

"A giant fire" could also be used to describe Caroline's last unexpected vampire hookup, with Klaus (Joseph Morgan). Accola did note that she's well aware that not every "TVD" fan wants her to end up with Stefan, but luckily, whether it's with Stefan or with Klaus, Accola just enjoys the wild experience that is being shippped.

"As far as the quote-unquote shipping community goes, I love the passion behind anyone who ships Caroline and Klaus," Accola said. "They are very hardcore shippers... But ever since season two, when Stefan helped Caroline through her transition, it’s been interesting how viewers were saying that they thought there was something there with those characters. It has been a really slow burn for many reasons, and that’s why it’s a really interesting time to be part of a television series in the age of social media -- you see exactly what the fans and the viewers are thinking right when they’re watching the episode."

Basically, even if you don't ship Steroline, you have to acknowledge the strong "TVD" fanbase for predicting this hookup even when Stefan was still seriously sweating Elena (Nina Dobrev).

"People have been seeing this since season two -- they spotted it when it wasn’t meant to be an emotional connection," Accola concluded. "It’s really fun to see. That’s the same thing that happened with Klaus, it just kind of grew, and some of it stemmed from the fact that people really liked seeing those characters together. I love that it’s a slow burn, and I love that these characters are finally crossing that line. It was a really great buildup to a really special moment."