Will Smith Wants To Make History With ‘Suicide Squad’

The Oscar nominee sets his sights on defining a new, globally-recognized character.

With Reporting by Ryan Downey

Marvel might be the superhero movie king of the moment, but credit where it’s due: DC lined up one hell of a cast for “Suicide Squad,” the super villain team-up from “Fury” director David Ayer.

The roster includes Oscar winner Jared Leto as the Joker and Margot Robbie as his main squeeze, Harley Quinn. But perhaps the most exciting and unexpected casting of them all is Robbie’s “Focus” co-star, Will Smith. The superstar is set to play Floyd Lawton, better known as the eagle-eyed assassin Deadshot.

DC Comics

It’s not Smith’s first foray with the superhero genre (how soon you forget “Hancock“), nor is it his first time being linked to a major comic book property. (Remember those “Captain America” rumors?) But it is the first time Smith has signed on the dotted line to join one of these massive cinematic universes — and to hear him tell it, the decision came down to one major opportunity: Defining Deadshot.

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