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Vanilla Ice Got Arrested For Burglary...But The Story Gets Better

What the...

Vanilla Ice has been arrested and charged with stealing from someone's home -- when he should've been renovating another house nearby, for his own TV show.

For the record: I swear this is real story -- you didn't click into a parody website by accident.

The former rapper is currently the host of a home improvement TV show called "The Vanilla Ice Project" on the DIY Network -- I haven't seen it, have you? -- and according to Variety, he decided to steal property from one of the homes adjacent to the one he was supposed to be renovating.

Ice, born Robert Van Winkle, apparently stole bicycles, a pool heater, furniture and other items from the vacant home in Lantana, Florida (which still belonged to someone).

Police officers obtained a search warrant, found the missing items in Vanilla Ice's Palm Beach Country residence, and returned them to their original owners.

On Wednesday (Feb. 18), he was arrested and charged with burglary and grand theft in connection with the incident

So, what happens to his show now?