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Sorry, Haters: Kristen Stewart Is 'F—king Proud' Of 'Twilight'

K-Stew tells Interview that she DGAF about the Twi-hate.

Sorry for making you feel super-old, but guess what? It’s been SEVEN whole years since we were first introduced to the big-screen spectacle that was Bella Swan and Edward Cullen’s whirlwind interspecies romance in “Twilight.”

But even after seven years, four sequels, and billions of dollars, some low-life haters still looooove to keep mounting their high horses to dismiss the series as cheesy YA gar-bage.

Thankfully, though, Kristen Stewart doesn’t have time for that ish and is putting a polite but firm cease-and-desist order on all the “Twilight” hate.

In a new interview with, ahem, Interview magazine, the 24-year-old actress spoke candidly with Patti Smith (yep, as in legendary singer Patti Smith) about her DGAF attitude when it comes to the Twi-haters.

"Anybody who wants to talk sh-t about ‘Twilight’ I completely get it, but there's something there that I'm endlessly, and to this day, f--king proud of," she said. "My memory of it felt -- still feels -- really good.”

Why shouldn’t it? After all, the series earned her millions of dollars and launched her into global stardom. And since then, she’s been stunning audiences and critics with more dramatic turns in “On the Road,” “Still Alice,” and “Clouds of Sils Maria.”

"People are always comparing sh-t. Like, comparing 'Twilight' to things and trying to figure out why I've made certain decisions that I've made, and I always say every single moment that has led me to this moment has made me who I am," Kristen continued. "Every movie that I've done, they don't stand independently from one another because a little bit of me is in every single one of those, and it's part of my own personal growth.”

We love that Kristen’s staying loyal to her creative decisions and not letting naysayers make her bitter or regretful about her past. Because those people are obviously really boring and probably would’ve been Team Jacob, and ain’t nobody got time for that.