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Who Did The Oscars Song And Dance The Best? We Rank Them

When hosts get dancy.

We're all going to go on a magical journey together Sunday night: Neil Patrick Harris' maiden voyage as host of the Academy Awards. While there will surely be jokes galore and snappy suits to match, there will also most certainly be singing and dancing. Harris has teamed up with Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, the evil geniuses who brought us the can't-stop-hearing-it tunes of "Frozen," for an original song to be performed at the Oscars.

And no, it won't be set to the tune of "Let It Go."

In the spirit of excitement for this weekend's big show, we ranked some of the most memorable song and dance numbers of Oscars past. Miss one you love? Tell us in the comments!

  1. Whoopi Goldberg, 2002

    It really seemed like maybe she was going to keep singing after that one line, but no. Letdown! Literally (from the ceiling) and metaphorically. Points to her for committing to that outfit for the entire opening monologue though.

  2. Seth MacFarlane, 2013

    MacFarlane's unforgettable song ("We Saw Your Boobs") may have been controversial, but hey, if you're gonna do it, do it all the way, we guess.

  3. Billy Crystal, 1997

    More serenading of young Tom Cruise, please.

  4. Billy Crystal, 1990

    Lean into it, Billy! We need more songs about "Dead Poets Society." All song or all nothing, is what we always say.

  5. Billy Crystal, 1993

    Points for that "Psycho" pantomime in there, and even more for the call-and-repeat. We appreciate a good variety of musical stylings in our award show openings.

  6. Neil Patrick Harris, 2010

    A jazzy performance, to be sure, but we're not so sold on the theme overall. Plus, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin were acting as hosts, with NPH merely opening the show for them. We have high hopes for an all-NPH, all the time extravaganza this year.

  7. Billy Crystal, 2004

    "His hip is titanium, but he's still gold!" Crystal said of the Oscar statue, and we feel exactly the same way about Crystal. (Not that we know what his hip is made of, but we mean that we still love him. You know.) Crystal knows the value of a good speak-sing paired with great jokes, which is high.

  8. Billy Crystal, 2000

    It has the couplet "sponge dry? You fry" in relation to Best Picture nominee "The Green Mile," so, you know.

  9. Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Gordon-Levitt with Seth MacFarlane, 2013

    This one reminds us both that more is more (bring on the special guests!) and less is more (an old classic never hurt anyone). And, let's be real, not much tops Harry Potter dancing.

  10. Hugh Jackman, 2009

    "In Hollywood, you don't need money. You can build a dream out of anything." Jackman's bona fide singing and dancing skill combined with the homemade charm of the props made the tribute to the year's best films a memorable one. That's not even to mention Anne Hathaway's surprise turn as Nixon.

  11. Billy Crystal, 1998

    We love "Titanic," we love Billy Crystal and we love a nice quick show. Put the three together and you're effing golden. This one also has the perk of being catchy as anything, due to cribbing from showtunes of yore. Into it!

  12. Billy Crystal, 1991

    He started off promising he wouldn't be able to do his annual medley. He lied. And, hey, we're glad he did it! Remind us why "Goodfellas" isn't a musical yet, please?

  13. Anne Hathaway, 2011

    As much as we love Billy Crystal, it's refreshing to see an in-show parody that doesn't just run down the year's nominees. Hathway's hosting gig alongside James Franco drew, shall we say, not stellar reviews, but this little showcase of Hathaway's singing talent and punnery along the lines of "Hugh jackass" calling out Hugh Jackman earn the performance very high marks.