Can Adam And Brittany Oust Team Banany From 'EX-iled'?

Johnny and Nany aim to stay alive in the underground redemption competition.

If there's one thing we've learned about Adam and Brittany across their inaugural "Challenge" season, it's that they never say die. So now that they've been sentenced to fight through "Battle of the EX-iled," can they avoid flatlining in Panama?

After being eliminated from "Battle of the Exes 2" at the hands of Johnny and Averey on last night's episode, Adam and Brittany discover, in the clip below, that they have a chance to get back into the competition through an underground losers bracket. But when the "Are You the One?" exports see that their competition is top-seeded team Johnny Bananas and Nany, they quickly realize getting back into the cast house won't be a cake walk.

In "Control Issues," the four on-the-brink competitors face off in same-sex heats, and their only objective is to rip a single baton out of their opponents' grips. The first team to come out on top twice will win, while the loser will be permanently eliminated. And Brittany, for one, isn't ready to let her small stature serve as a death sentence.

"[Nany] has way more experience than I do, but I'm not gonna let that hold me back and I'm not gonna be afraid," she asserts. "This is our last chance."

So who's sticking around for a little while longer, and who's about to take the long flight back to the United States? Watch the game go down, and see if this round's winners can best Johnny and Averey -- who were also eliminated during last night's episode -- in the next battle!