Douglas Gorenstein/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

The New Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Is Absolutely Dough-licious -- And Helps Change Kids' Lives

This chilly delight will warm your belly and your heart.

Ben & Jerry's ice cream: It's good for you(r emotional well-being) and good for others, too.

Here's the scoop: To celebrate Jimmy Fallon's one-year anniversary at the helm of NBC's "The Tonight Show," the ice cream geniuses concocted a tasty new flavor in his honor called "The Tonight Dough." Co-Founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield announced the flavor in front of a live "Tonight Show" audience on Tuesday, February 17.

So as a semi-professional ice cream connoisseur, I decided to give it a try, thanks to the good folks at B&J who dropped off two pints for us at the MTV News offices.

Unsurprisingly, it's delicious. It's two ice creams, (caramel and chocolate, to be exact), mixed with chocolate cookie swirls and TWO kinds of cookie dough - chocolate chip and peanut butter.

As a lifelong lover of cookie dough - the raw, likely dangerous/delicious batter - and the safe, tasty kind found in iced cream, it's safe to say that the folks at Ben & Jerry's did a spectacular job with this. I recommend pairing it with a long, well-deserved Netflix binge-watching session or of course, while you're watching "The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon!"

What's even more awesome than the delicious cookie dough, though, is that all Jimmy Fallon's proceeds from the ice cream's sales will be donated to SeriousFun Children's Network. The organization gives children with serious illnesses the gift of a lifetime by sending them to free camp that, "fosters confidence, independence, and resilience."

In conclusion, "The Tonight Dough," is a gift to your taste buds and a gift to others. What's cooler than that?