9 Times You Were More Of A Quinn Than A Daria

You were a Quinn. It's time to admit it.

It has long been the truth that any self-respecting "Daria" fan considers themselves a Daria -- or a Jane, if they don't want to fully commit.

But if we're being perfectly honest, here, many of us -- especially as we exited our teen years and acclimated to life in our 20s -- have come to the hard realization that really, deep down, we've always been more of a Quinn. And based on the moments of utter realness below, that's not always such a bad thing -- behold, 9 times that we were way more a Quinn than a Daria:

  1. When she knew that clothes were an adequate mode of self expression.

    Before there was Twitter, Tumblr, or even Facebook, clothing was the primary way in which youths expressed themselves. Quinn knew this, so when the wannabes around her called her writing existential, she decided to embrace that identity and dress for the part. Hey, we never said she was perfect -- just perfectly relatable.

  2. When she cared about animals more than people.

    Quinn is definitely the type to forego "The Act of Killing" in favor of "Blackfish." Not that that's necessarily a bad thing.

  3. When she summed up modern gender relations.

    If only we'd all realized this by the time we were 16. Most of us had to wait for Gamer Gate and Meghan Trainor to hit before we learned how fundamentally different the sexes really are. Quinn was just ahead of her time.

  4. When she looked inside to improve the out.

    You know Quinn would have been on ClassPass -- and rocking a FitBit -- had they come to fruition during "her time." Daria's pizza diet was great and everything, but no one can eat all that cheese and still pull off the skirt and boots look. Come on.

  5. When she blanched at the thought of unclean eating.

    Don't get us wrong, cheese, carbs, and the like are still great. Just not when they're coming from the Olive Garden. Quinn liked her food local, thank you very much.

  6. When she knew when to GTFO.

    Long gone are the days when you get a job after college and stay there til you're 65. If only the same could be said about high school.

  7. When she got tired of answering that same, stupid question.

    In this Internet age, obsessing over a woman's "flaws" is the new normal. We -- and Quinn -- have no time for this.

  8. When she had a revelation in high school that most of us don't have until our '20s.


  9. When she knew that the worst thing in life is FOMO.

    Sigh. As forward-thinking as Quinn could be, she also fell victim to FOMO years before Instagram showed up to make it an officially recognized disease. Daria didn't give a flying, but we've already established that you are not a Daria. You are a Quinn.