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'Parks And Recreation' Just Made Your Bill Murray Dreams Come True

The man, the myth... the mayor!

At long last, "Parks and Recreation" finally introduced the Mayor of Pawnee — and it was the only man it could ever be.


For years, Mayor Walter Gunderson has been an elusive presence on "Parks and Rec," spoken of frequently but never seen. The cast and crew made it clear that there was only one actor they wanted for the job: Bill Murray. If they couldn't lock him up, Mayor Gunderson would remain a sight unseen for the remainder of "Parks and Rec." But it turns out that some dreams really do come true, as Murray graced Pawnee with his presence, in an entirely unexpected way.

Murray popped up in last night's eleventh episode of the show's final season, "Two Funerals," as Mayor Gunderson — a very, very dead Mayor Gunderson. The Pawnee politician's death is announced at the top of the episode, and when the action moves to the funeral, it's Bill Murray who is so casually lounging in the mayor's casket. How's that for easy money?

But it wasn't an entirely lifeless performance, as Mayor Gunderson delivers his very own pre-recorded eulogy:

"Hello, Pawnee. My time in office has come to an end. A lot has been done, but I wasn't really doing very much. I wasn't paying attention most of the time. Fortunately, the citizens of Pawnee didn't pay attention, either. So, uh, if there's any credit to take, I will humbly take it. And if there is blame… it's your fault. Thank you, and goodbye forever!"

Basically, the perfect embodiment of the legendary "Parks and Rec" and the mythical Bill Murray. Great job, everyone. You did it!