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One Brave Man Will Listen To 168 Hours Of Nickelback For Charity

Keep this brave soul in your thoughts and prayers.

When "RELEVANT" podcast editor and modern-day martyr Jesse Carey decided to organize a charity fundraiser, he apparently figured the best way to rake in donations would be to torture himself in a hilarious yet dangerous way.

So, he decided to potentially damage his sanity forever by listening to Nickelback for an entire week straight.

Carey kicked off his masochistic adventure on Monday (February 16), and he’ll continue listening 24/7 until February 22, for a whopping total of 168 hours.

On his official fundraising page, Carey calls this “the ultimate test of human endurance” and claims he’s consulted several doctors who advised him that listening to too much Nickelback could “cause irreversible damage to his ears, brain, kidneys and soul.”

Lucky for us, Carey is journaling his way through the endeavor, updating us via Twitter on his progressively deteriorating sanity.

Nickelback, of course, is a hugely successful rock band, having sold more than 50 million albums since breaking through in 2001. But they’re also far from Carey's favorite band, so he has identified his “three keys to victory” for championing the band’s entire catalog: frequent stretching, hydration, and psychotic breakdown avoidance.

Thankfully, this whole thing is all for a totally admirable cause. So far, Carey has raised more than $16,000 for Charity: Water, a nonprofit that brings clean water to developing areas around the world.

Keep on keeping on, Carey. Even though the end seems “So Far Away,” you’ll make it “Someday.” And “If Today Was Your Last Day,” we’d remember you as a true “Rock Star.”