Getty Images | Lester Cohen

Iggy Azalea Is On The Wrong Side Of The Law In 'Trouble' Lyric Video

Sorry Iggy.

If Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson's lyric video for "Trouble" is any indication of what we'll be seeing in the full clip, then someone is going home in handcuffs.

The lyric video premiered on Tuesday (Feb. 17), and included snapshots of Iggy and J. HUD, in addition to some comic book-style illustrations, and, of course, the lyrics.

Earlier this month, Iggy spilled a few details about the video, which she'll be directing.

“I will say Jennifer’s character, I think [is] kind of like the sassy, no beep-taking type of police boss lady,” Iggy told MTV News. “I am, I suppose, just a bit of an accidental Bonnie and Clyde that I’ve naively have fallen into the role that I don’t really want to be into… She keeps it under control.”

Jennifer Hudson has already given us a behind-the-scenes look at the video shoot, so the full visuals should arrive shortly.