Beyonce And Ed Sheeran 'Jammin' Together Is Perfection: Watch

The two teamed up at Stevie Wonder's tribute concert.

It's official: My favorite new duo in music are Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran.

The two teamed up to perform for CBS' Stevie Wonder tribute concert, "Songs in the Key of Life - An All-Star Salute," which aired Monday. And after seeing them perform the music icon's song "Master Blaster (Jammin')," all I could think is that the world needs an album from these two. from HQBellaRose on Vimeo.

Though that might not happen anytime soon -- Bey and husband Jay Z may be at work on a joint album of their own -- at least we'll always have this moment. Ed and Bey kicked off the Grammy tribute concert and killed it onstage, getting the crowd filled with music's biggest stars from Ariana Grande to Big Sean to John Legend -- on their feet.

Queen Bey got things going with a solo performance of "Fingertips," before instructing the audience to "scream loud and proud for Ed Sheeran."

The two traded verses as Ed played guitar (and had a very hard time wiping that smile off his face). I mean, he was singing next to a queen, which can be a little distracting.

Beyonce then introduced Gary Clark Jr., who joined the pair for a rousing performance of "Higher Ground."