Getty: Alan Sirulnikoff

24 Types Of People Who Write On Bathroom Walls

You are what you tag.

Does it take more than a sharpie and taste for vandalism to write on a bathroom wall? Well, that depends on the artist behind it. The stall was the original place we could post anonymously while moonlighting as a graffiti artist. The contributors ability varies, but what you create when you're alone in a restroom says a lot ultimately about who you are. Based on their finished products, we've determined the type of person each bathroom Banksy might be.

  1. People who wanna let their fart flags fly
  2. Friends who're right but also kind of mean about it
  3. Therapists
  4. Winners who've triumphed over a fear of pooping
  5. Ice cream propagandists
  6. Guys who steal your girlfriend while you're in the bathroom
  7. Hot Topic employees
  8. Reptile enthusiasts
  9. Lyndas who are tired of you misspelling their names
  10. Crude poets
  11. Breast activists
  12. Hungry readers of "The Secret"
  13. Haters of Shark Week
  14. Students majoring in Art and Pre-Med
  15. Tea Partiers who don't like internet polls
  16. Potterheads
  17. Disgruntled teachers
  18. Great thinkers
  19. Adult Swim watchers
  20. Funny marine biologists
  21. Funny zoologists
  22. People whose parent's were funny/bad liars
  23. Procrastinating Satanists