Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony's New Sweaters Finally Answer Our Emoji Hand Prayers

*heart eyes emoji* *heart eyes emoji* *heart eyes emoji*

We all want/deserve IRL emojis. Whether it be a poop emoji shirt or nail polish emoji earrings we love our emojis in 3D.

Opening Ceremony has (finally) given the people what they want with their Walk of Shame emoji sweaters.

  • Ghost Emoji
    Opening Ceremony

    Aka the poor man's Snapchat ghost.

  • Flame Emoji
    Opening Ceremony

    Prepare for Tinder jokes.

  • Cherry Emoji
    Opening Ceremony

    Like two...cherries on a stem?

  • Heart Eyes Emoji
    Opening Ceremony

    Pretend it's Valentine's Day every day.

  • Prayer Hands Emoji
    Opening Ceremony

If you're in the market for an emoji sweater and have $390 to donate to the cause, you can buy them at Opening Ceremony.