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Miss 'Fifty Shades' Already? Here's Where You'll See Jamie And Dakota Next

Here's where you can check them out laters, baby.

In case you haven't heard, a whole bunch of people saw "Fifty Shades of Grey" this weekend -- enough to boast the second-highest February debut in movie history, to be exact. (The first highest being "Passion of the Christ.") Basically, the world wanted their Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, and they wanted them NOW -- and naked. Totally, completely (almost) naked.

But now that the "Fifty" hype machine is slowly whirring to an end and pretty much everyone has seen "Fifty Shades," what's next? How can fans -- new and old -- of Dornan and Johnson get their fix before the two sequels hit theaters?

Well, besides seeing "Fifty" fifty more times, here's how -- though be warned, you'll probably see a whole lot less nipple:

Jamie Dornan

"The Fall"

Okay, so this isn't technically super-new, but you probably haven't heard about it and you should.

Everyone who loved that scene of Christian buying rope and duct tape at Ana's hardware store, serial killer-style, needs to check out the BBC series "The Fall." Dornan plays an actual (sexy) murderer on the crime drama, which you can catch in its two-series entirety on Netflix. Get streamin!

Untitled John Wells project

Okay, so we don't really know what this is about, but it's a comedy from the creator of "Shameless," "ER," and "The West Wing" that also stars Bradley Cooper, so consider us in. Filming is bound to start soon, as its release is still set for 2015.

The 9th Life of Louis Drax


Dr. Dornan will see you now -- well, he'll see you now if you're nine-year-old Louis Drax, the fascinating, magical boy who falls off a cliff at his birthday party but miraculously survives. Dornan plays the lead role of Louis' doctor, who gets pulled into a tangled web of mystery and even romances the boy's mother. Bow chicka.

Dakota Johnson

Saturday Night Live

Johnson blew us all away with how funny she was in "Fifty," so it's a good thing her next gig is hosting "SNL" on February 28.


No, no -- "Anarchy" is not a prequel, sequel, or reboot of "Sons of Anarchy," the FX hit starring Johnson's almost-costar Charlie Hunnam. Instead, it's a crime tragedy based on the hit play "Cymbeline" by William Shakespeare. Johnson will play the modern day version of Imogen, who in the play is a pure, honest woman who is nearly raped then dresses as a man in exile.

"Black Mass"

Get psyched for September 18, 2015, because Johnson is set to star opposite Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Depp in the highly anticipated Whitey Bulger biopic "Black Mass." Johnson will play the pivotal role of Lindsey Cyr, who met Bulger when she was 21 and bore his son, Douglas.