Jamie Dornan And Dakota Johnson Were Extremely Glad Not To Film One Particular 'Fifty Shades' Sex Scene

You know the one.

By now, we all know that "Fifty Shades of Grey" stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan were perfectly happy to have lots and lots of fake onscreen sex with each other for your viewing pleasure.

However! The two of them were still very glad not to film, ahem, certain scenes from the source material.

Which scenes? Oh, come on. YOU KNOW.

Although nobody ever comes right out and says exactly which moment from the books they're talking about, this interview, courtesy of our friends at MTV UK, makes it clear that both actors were very happy to see that the much-discussed "Fifty Shades of Grey" scene involving a tampon was left out of the script.

"There'd be stuff that makes sense in the book, and makes sense on the page, that won't translate on screen," says Jamie Dornan. "And there will people who will be disappointed that that scene's not in there... [but] personally, I'm pretty happy that that scene didn't make the cut."

And Dakota Johnson expressed similar feelings, saying, "I think that it's nice, with something like this, where you can still have things in your head that you know happened in the book. And you can leave them there, and keep them secret."

Which seems like a polite, elegant way of saying: please, in the name of all that is good and pure, let us never, ever discuss this again.