Benedict Cumberbatch Wants Your Name Suggestions For The Cumberbaby

Naming the Cumberbaby is a cumbersome task.

Benedict Cumberbatch spent part of his honeymoon on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Monday (February 16), and over pina coladas, he revealed that he could use some help in naming his unborn child.

Obviously, this is a big challenge, especially when "Benedict" -- the best and more perfect name ever to precede the word "Cumberbatch" -- is already taken. I mean, the poor Cumberbaby will have to settle for second-best from the get-go.

The flummoxed father-to-be asked his host for name suggestions, and politely ruled out the idea of naming the kid something that starts with "Q". But that leaves twenty-five other letters of the alphabet still in play! Any ideas?

Leave your own best Cumberbaby names in the comments, but we'll be the first to suggest that they skip this whole debacle and just call him (or her) Benedict, Jr.