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What Does Kanye West Think He Has In Common With Eminem?

The MC also explains why he wants to 'fix everyone's pant leg.'

When Kanye West reflects on his career as a designer, he think of another person who's had to overcome odds to succeed in his field.

"I feel like I’m Eminem,” Yeezy recently told Complex. "You don’t think 'white rapper.' You just think Eminem. You don’t think celebrity designer, straight designer, black designer, all these types of things that kind of held me back conceptually in being accepted as a designer. You just think of those words.

"But when those moon boots come out,” he continued. “You put them on your feet and just swag out and go somewhere with your friends, those words don't matter.”

Beyond feeling like he’s grown as a designer, Yeezy also said that he feels he’s evolved as a man. During the interview, ‘Ye admits that he didn’t respect women the way he needed to when he was a bachelor.

“For two years, I lived with all alpha females and a daughter,” he explained. "So I had to learn to really do what my mother taught me, and become the man she always knew I could be, and bow as a creative.”

One instance of Yeezy bowing as a creative was when he recently knelt down to help fix Kim Kardashian’s pants. This image was particularly symbolic for Yeezus.

"You know those photos that you see with me getting on my knees in front of the paparazzi to fix Kim’s pant leg?” he said. "That's what I want to do for the world. I want to get on my knees and fix everyone’s pant leg, if they’ll have me.”

But don’t worry. Kanye’s not done creating music or designs. So when he was asked what he had in store, ‘Ye gave the most Yeeziest of answers: “More dope sh-t.”