Let's All Watch Amy Schumer And Bill Hader Hilariously Destroy A Movie Theater

Well that escalated quickly.

When Amy Schumer was announced as the host of the 2015 MTV Movie Awards, we knew it was only a matter of time until her "Trainwreck" co-star Bill Hader would join her for a promo. What we didn't know? How the duo would totally hilariously go ape-s--t bananas on a movie theater.

The new promo isn't just laugh-out-loud funny, it's also for a good cause. You know how awards shows always push how every nominee is a winner in their own way? WRONG. As Schumer and Hader brilliantly underline, there's one essential truth when it comes to awards:

"Winning is everything."

Yeah, that's right. Take that, losers who don't get this year's tub o' popcorn. You suck. No one likes you. Your career is in ruins.

Okay, maybe not that extreme, but one thing is very clear: the race for the popcorn is on -- just steer clear of Amy and Bill, if you value your life/health.