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'SNL 40': Taylor Swift Eats Her Hair, But It's Bradley Cooper's Makeout That Made Us Scream

Do you know the directions to Betty White's mouth?

When we were wondering what human unicorn (humanicorn, if you will) Taylor Swift would be doing during the epic "SNL 40" special, we didn't necessarily peg her as "talking like Lumpy Space Princess from 'Adventure Time' and eating her own hair," but hey, wishes only come true if you catch a unicorn, so whatever.

Anyway, during an epic rendition of "The Californians," the mock "Saturday Night Live" soap-opera that's mostly about giving people directions to drive around Los Angeles, TaySway appeared as an actress with a bit part in a sci-fi movie. She said a few of her lines, disappeared into her hair, and generally looked great as usual.

But it was "American Sniper" star Bradley Cooper who totally upstaged our spirit animal, not only with his hilarious accent, but also by making out with Betty White.

NBC/Saturday Night Live

Yeah, we screamed out loud. Still, even if Taylor didn't steal the show with her surprise cameo, she did crush the red carpet (or, blue carpet) before the show.

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Do you know how to get to our heart Taylor? Too late, you already did.