Miley Cyrus Crashes The 'SNL 40' Opening Monologue

She came in like a very sneaky wrecking ball.

In a night already packed to the gills with celebrities, it was the appearance of Miley Cyrus -- tongue and all -- that got us screaming for more during the "SNL 40" special that aired tonight (February 15) on NBC.

Miley has previously hosted "Saturday Night Live" twice: once in 2011, and again in 2013. Given her comedic chops, it should be no surprise that she killed it both times, but nothing prepared us for the hilarity that ensued when she took the stage during the epic celebration.

Joining frequent hosts Tom Hanks, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, as well as Chris Rock, Melissa McCarthy, Paul McCartney, Paul Simon and way more after the opening credits, Miley quipped that her double-duty hosting as host and musical guest wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

"I got paid twice," Cyrus quipped. "$400, both times. Big bucks. Boom."

Then Cyrus stood laughing in the background while legends Paul McCartney and Paul Simon dueted on "I've Just Seen A Face," followed by clips from early "SNL" history. Given her double dutying, we were hoping to get a little more of Smiley Miley -- but as of this writing, the night is still young, so stay tuned!