We Asked Raury About The Legacy Of Martin Luther King, Jr. - Check Out His Inspiring Answer

If you’ve given his debut album 'Indigo Child' a listen, Raury’s answer should come as no surprise.

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we turned MTV black-and-white to start a conversation about race. For Black History Month, we’re revisiting one of those talks to answer a very important question: Who is the next MLK?

To find out, we caught up with Raury, an up-and-comer from Atlanta who recently signed with Columbia Records. Watch the video below to see the rapper’s simple yet profound answer.

+ Watch Raury Talk About MLK’s Spirit

As the rapper notes, there is no “new MLK” because his spirit “lives on in, like, everyone.” Raury says this is particularly true for the youth, which is where MLK’s spirit “needs to live on the strongest.” So to answer our question, Raury believes the next MLK is “the youth…point blank period.”

If you’ve given his debut album Indigo Child a listen, Raury’s answer should come as no surprise. After all, in “War Pt. 1,” these lyrics repeat: “We are the truth, We are forever, We are the youth, We are together.”

Raury isn’t just saying that because he’s young himself, however. He believes young people will be the biggest agents of changes because they are the future. Whatever “types of seeds of knowledge” we plant in their head growing up will determine “the world that you will see in 2045.”

Do you agree with Raury’s answer? If so, find out how you can get involved during Black History Month and help carry our MLK’s work in 2015.