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23 Times North West Was Not In The Mood For Fashion Week

While most (adult) people would be thrilled to sit in the front row at New York Fashion Week, North West is not one of those people. She's been hitting up front rows all over town the past few days and, well, she's just not really feeling it, OK? While her tears—of joy, we presumed—at her dad's Adidas debut were well-documented, it looks like she isn't having such a great time at other shows, either.

Fashion Week is crowded, loud, an extreme range of temperatures, and exhausting—Nori knows what we're talking about. Here are a few of the times she's acted the exact way we want to:

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    At the Alexander Wang Fall 2015 Show: "IDK why Mommy thinks it's a good idea to go out for ice cream when it's snowing outside, but I'm not gonna fight it. At least we're not going to another fashion show." — North, probably.

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    "I don't remember the ice cream store smelling like hella Le Labo...wait, are those paparazzi?"

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    "Ugh. I know a runway when I see one. I've been bamboozled."

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    Maybe if I just make my body go limp, I can slip out of Mommy's grasp and walk home."

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    "Please, mister. If you take me home, I can show you where Daddy's keeping the extra Yeezy Boosts."

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    "Alia, pardon my reach, but I'm gonna need one of these Flintstones vitamins to get through this day."

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    "Maybe if I just focus my mind on something else, I can just pretend I'm somewhere else until it's all done."

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    "This sticker is pretty cute, I guess. Is it a dinosaur or an alien or..."

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    "Oh no, is that...dubstep I hear?"

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    "Are those...models?"

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    "Alia, we have to GO. It's not safe for us here."

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    "Why doesn't anyone believe me???"

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    "Dad, your smiling does not make me smile."

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    At Kanye West's Adidas Originals Fall 2015 Show: "Just repeat the mantra your therapist gave you, Nori: This is Daddy's day; I will not make a scene. This is Daddy's day; I will not make a scene."

  17. "TBH, I don't care if I'm sitting next to Beyonce, I want to go home."

  18. "Mom, I'm serious. Can we please go?"

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    "Why? Why. Why? Why. Why? Why."

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    At the Givenchy Spring 2015 Show: "Maybe if I literally turn my back on fashion, they won't invite me to anymore shows."

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    "Can't you all see I'm trying to nap here?"

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    "Cool, nice to meet you, Riccardo. Great show, etc. Can we go now orrrrrr?"

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    "Dear God or Yeezus or Flying Spaghetti Monster, whatever's up there...if you're listening, tell my parents that I'm more than happy to just watch these shows live stream from my iPad. Thank you. Amen."