Ollie Millington / Getty Images

Azealia Banks Just Sparked Another Twitter Beef, But Erykah Badu Isn't Having It

And yes, it got ugly.

Azealia Banks has had her fair share of Twitter feuds with stars like T.I., Iggy Azalea and Action Bronson and now she can add Erykah Badu to that list.

It all started when a fan asked Badu if she listened to Banks.

Apparently, Banks didn’t like that.

And then, she went on a tweeting spree about it.

Badu was quick to check Banks on this, though.

And then Ms. Fat Belly Bella turned on her location.

Banks replied, of course, adding some stinging shots.

This made Badu give Banks some directions.

But it was all in fun, right?

Banks LOL’d (a few times), but we’re not sure she’s laughing.

And she’s still demanding Badu’s address.

Can’t we all just get along?