Justin Bieber's Fashion Week Date Was The Hottest Supermodel Ever: PICS

Does this mean they're dating?!

Justin Bieber boasted some pretty heavy-hitting arm candy at Saturday night's (February 14) Fashion for Relief charity show: Its founder, supermodel legend Naomi Campbell.

Not only did Campbell grant Bieber a front row seat to her New York Fashion Week event, but the two were snapped holding hands together backstage. Perhaps the insanely fierce 44-year-old has Bieber fever? Or, was she feeling particularly amorous for thematic reasons, it being Valentine's Day and all?

We're not quite sure if this means Campbell and the Biebs are dating, but either way, let's examine the evidence:

  1. She gleefully greeted him upon arrival.

    Is it just us, or does he seem kind of stunned to be in the presence of runway royalty?

  2. They cozied up for a portrait.

    The Biebs remains confounded by the hotness radiating from Queen Campbell.

  3. They took THIS money shot.

    Don't look so bashful about it, Naomi!

  4. They turned it on for the cameras.

    Thaaaaat's better.

  5. Justin took the wheel.

    We spy mutual lower back touching.

So it seems the jury's still out, but -- for the record -- we're totally down with this pairing. If anyone can handle Justin, it's Naomi. Finding a nickname for the two, though, would prove a bit trickier. Bampbell? Jaiomi?

Campbell started the Fashion for Relief foundation in 2005 to benefit Hurricane Katrina victims -- this year's show was staged to support the fight against Ebola in West Africa, with top fashion houses donating pieces. Michelle Rodriguez, Kelly Osbourne, Paris Hilton and Tyson Beckford were just a few of the celebrities who graced the charity show's runway.

Bieber is in New York City for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week -- along with attending shows, he's been showing off his ping pong skills.

You do you, Justin.