Exclusive: 'Minions' And 'Jurassic World' Take Over Your World At Universal's Toy Fair Showcase

Get your first look at Partnerships & Licensing's big event.

For those not obsessed with collectibles -- the grown up name for toys -- you may not be aware that the biggest event of the year is happening right now: Toy Fair 2015, here in New York City. There, toy companies show off their wares for the year to media, and more importantly to stores waiting to be impressed by the latest action figure, building set, game or even housewares.

And nothing is bigger at Toy Fair than the movies. The yearly event has become the go-to place to get your sneak peek at some of the most monstrous films hitting theaters that summer. And this year, two of those huge movies -- "Jurassic World" and "Minions" -- are produced by Universal Pictures.

To highlight the properties, and the (insane) breadth of product that will be hitting shelves faster than a Minion on a banana, Universal Partnership and Licensing is holding an event Sunday morning (February 15) for invited guests.

Except MTV News snuck in a day early.

We'll start with the "Minions" stuff, which is -- not to use the same word twice in a short span -- bananas, ranging from bedsheets to building blocks and everything in between.

  • Millions Of Minions
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    As you can see, there's a lot of "Minions" stuff on display, and this is just one of the walls. The movie, for those not in the know, is a prequel to the two highly successful "Despicable Me" movies, and sends the adorable yellow nonsense-talkers on a trek to find a villain they can serve. Speaking of serving...

  • Minion & Ms
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    We may not having gotten the brunch attendees at the regular event will be served, but we did see these adorable table settings. They won't be on sale to the general public, though, so let's move on to some of the actual highlights.

  • Blockheads
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    Just kidding, first we'll show you these human-sized Mega Blok Minions that will greet people at the event. Okay, on to the goods for real.

  • Blokheads
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    Speaking on Mega Bloks, this is one of the neater parts of the line. Universal is releasing tons of already iconic scenes from the teaser and trailer -- and even a gigantic, buildable castle playset. Each of the sets also play on the Minions' sense of humor, either tossing them from a cockpit, shooting a surprising missile, or something else you might not expect. They're not dangerous for kids, but your Minions probably won't survive.

  • Blindo Baggins
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    Luckily, then, Universal is also releasing 50 new "blind bag" figures, all different that you can collect to flesh out your Minions army.

  • Flush As A Plush
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    If you're not into tiny Minions, there's also a line of adorable plushes, and...

  • Minions Command
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    ...Minions that interact with objects, like Stuart with his guitar, Kevin with a banana, and Bob with a teddy bear. They're all very cute. FYI.

  • Dress For (Villainous) Success
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    But hey, say you're not into toys. What about clothes? Yes, there are Minions clothes. The hat is a particular favorite, just saying.

  • A Gru-d Night's Sleep
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    Heck, there's even bedding, if you want. Plus nail polish, shoes, shampoo... The Minions may not have a master, but they're clearly ready to take over the world.

Speaking of worlds, let's move on to the "Jurassic World" part of the program -- which may skew far more heavily to the toys end of the spectrum (you won't be able to wash your hair with Dilophosaurus Spit Conditioner any time soon), but isn't any less robust.

  • Dino Fight
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    Let's not delay any longer: this is the fight any "Jurassic World" fan is dying to see, the genetically modified Indominus Rex versus the T. Rex. While there's no guarantee it'll happen in the movie, we immediately set up the showdown with two enormous action figures. Also, Indominus really needs to get her teeth checked out. They gross.

  • That's A Raptor
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    The other aspect of the movie that sends "Jurassic" fans crazy? The raptors, and happily Universal is putting together a three-pack of the movie's main trio, Charlie, Delta and Echo. There's also tons of other toys, including a Ceratosaurus, a Dilophosaurus, a Dimorphodon and more.

  • Dress For (Dinosaur) Success
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    You'll need something chic to wear while you're playing, right? Don't worry, there's not just raptor claws... There's also chomping dino hand puppets, which are basically something out of a nightmare, right? You know, that one where your hands turned into dinosaur heads? No? Well it's terrifying.

  • World-ly Attire
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    In case having heads for hands isn't your thing, you could probably try these more fashion-y shirts, instead. We're partial to the classic logo T ourselves, but whatever floats your Mosasaurus.

  • Guardians Of The World
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    One thing that definitely floats our, er, Mosasaurus, is the assortment of LEGO playsets -- some of which include Chris Pratt's Owen, as well as two members of his raptor army. Fun fact! There are now LEGO mini-figs of Chris Pratt in "Jurassic World," "Guardians of the Galaxy," and "The LEGO Movie," meaning you can create the most Pratt-tastic team-up ever.

  • Came In Like A Hamster Ball
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    We're dying to know what's up with those "Jurassic World" hamster balls, but in the mean time we can play with this other sweet LEGO set.

  • Meet Me Round The Corner
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    Seriously, these might be the most terrifying LEGO sets since the ones for "Drag Me To Hell." Just kidding, they never made those. These are the scariest.

So there you go! A taste of what you'll get tomorrow, and just know this: "Minions" and "Jurassic World," by this Summer, will have taken over your world.