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Could A Birth Control Pill For Men Be Available Soon?

New research could level the contraceptive playing field.

Ever since birth control first became a thing, it's been on women to deal with it. From hormone-altering pills to IUD implants, people with uteruses have historically been tasked with keeping babies out of those uteruses if they don't want to become pregnant.

But new scientific research could soon change all that. Two new compounds now in development could give dudes the option to go on their very own pill.

The first goes by the oh-so-catchy name of H2-gamendazole, and it's currently being tested for effectiveness on animals. It keeps sperm from reaching maturity, ensuring that sperm cells get reabsorbed by the testis instead of making it out into the semen. No sperm cells, no fertilized eggs, no pregnancy scares!

The second potential man pill is called JQ1, and it works by making the body forget how to produce sperm entirely. The compound blocks certain proteins that act like instruction manuals for sex cells in the testes. It's currently being tested out to make sure it only blocks proteins that prevent sperm formation.

Neither pill is on the market yet -- scientists at the University of Kansas Medical Center and Harvard's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute are hard at work making sure they don't have any nasty side effects for either the people who take the pills or their partners. But a more gender-balanced approach to birth control could be coming up sooner than you think.