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Wiz Khalifa's New Track 'Decisions' Gives Us A Tiny Glimpse At His Crazy Life

And he lets us know how his love life's going.

Wiz Khalifa decided Valentine's Day was the perfect day to drop his latest track, "Decisions."

OK, so the song isn't a V-Day anthem per se, but it does let us know how his love life is going since his high-profile split from Amber Rose.

"New bitch every week," he rhymes in his trademark flow. "She take it all, bonus/ hair long, tatted on her back, I get her a first-class flight to where my show is."

While this song sheds light on Wiz's um...relationship status, Amber Rose had her own update Friday when she alluded to NBA All-Star James Harden being her Valentine.

But don't worry. That won't make Wiz drop any hurt tweets.

We're not sure where "Decisions" will end up, but it's a fun song and a great way to whet our appetites for Khalifa's upcoming tour with Fall Out Boy. That Boyz Of Summer tour is set to kick off in June.