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Watch Justin Bieber Destroy Action Bronson At Ping Pong

The two faced off in New York City during a charity competition.

He's been spotted hanging out with Kanye West and Rae Sremmurd lately, but last night, Justin Bieber made a new friend (or maybe an enemy) in the hip-hop scene when he beat Action Bronson at a game of ping pong.

Even Bronson called it a "wash" on Twitter.

The two were bracketed against one another at the All-Star Weekend Ping Pong Tournament in New York City, a charity competition that raises money for the American Table Tennis Youth Organization.

Watch clips of the star powered stand-off below.

The two musicians were rumored to appear together on a Riff Raff song last September, but didn't seem to end up on the final track.

Action Bronson is due to release his new album Mr. Wonderful next month.