Amber Rose Has A Valentine, And It's Not Wiz Khalifa: Watch

Is James Harden the lucky one?

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa announced their plans to divorce in September, but that doesn't necessarily mean Rose will be spending Valentine's Day alone this year.

"I have a Valentine this year," Rose said during an interview with Power 105.

She means Sebastian, right? Her adorable son? Well, not quite.

"Sebastian is always my Valentine," she explained. "That’s my baby. But no, I have a Valentine."

Rumors have been swirling about a relationship between Rose and NBA All-Star James Harden after the two met in Las Vegas about a month ago. When pressed about the rumor, Rose responded by discussing their bond.

"Me and James have a very special friendship for sure," she said regarding the Houston Rockets guard. "I didn’t get the D yet. I’m not gon’ lie. But you know, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. If he acts right…It is All-Star [Weekend]."

Despite this "nice friendship" she's developed with Harden, Rose says she's been waiting for Khalifa's return. That might come to an end on V-Day, however.

"I waited for my husband," she said. "I’ve been waiting for him. He didn’t come home. So now, if I have a Valentine that’s a really nice guy that treats me nice, if I wanna get the D, I’ma get the D."

Pretty sure she's not talking about defense there.