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Legit Scientific Study Proves Hot Guys Are Actually Selfish Jerks

No sh-t, Sherlock.

A new study proves what we all suspected but tried so desperately to ignore: Hot dudes are kind of jerks. And no, this conclusion wasn't reached by a club of heartbroken singles over a couple bottles of red wine and pints of Ben & Jerry's. Nope, this hot take is pure science.

Psychologists at Brunel University in London were inspired by the evolutionary theory that because attractive people usually win competitions for social status, they have more to gain from perpetuating social inequality.

Using a super fancy-sounding 3D body scanner, the team studied 125 men and women and measured attractiveness predictors like slimness, hip-to-waist ratio (for women), and waist-to-chest ratio (for men). They also had a group of judges rate them on their attractiveness, which basically sounds like the best job ever.

Then, the participants took a personality test to gauge their level of douchiness — that is, a test that measured their selfishness and sense of inequality — and they also did a little economics experiment where the participants had to decide how much money they’d share with another person.

The researchers found that the more attractive the man, the more selfish, egocentric, and elitist he is.


Women, on the other hand, showed no such link and passed the test with flying colors.


Lead researcher Dr. Michael Price explains, “Our results showed that in fact we may be justified in expecting more attractive men to behave in ways that are less favourable to economic and social equality. The results suggest that better-looking men may be biased towards being more selfish and less egalitarian.”

So basically, the Ken dolls of the world use their luscious bods to blind us from their a-hole behavior, but NO MORE. We’re on to you, you sexy frauds.