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Anna Kendrick Can 'Drink Me Under The Table' According To 'Last Five Years' Co-Star Jeremy Jordan

It was 'very informative,' he said.

When you spend a lot of time with a person, you get to know them really, really well. And as for when you spend a lot of time with a person, make out with them a bunch and sing love songs to one another inches away from each other's face?

Well, let's just say you're bound to have a close relationship.

In this weekend's "The Last Five Years," Jeremy Jordan and Anna Kendrick are pretty much the only speaking characters (one side character has a handful of lines), and in fact spend most of the film belting.

Jordan stopped by MTV News ahead of the film's opening to talk about the relationship he built with Kendrick.

"We were singing in each others faces, for sure," he said. "Spit was flying, lots of breath mints were going in."

He praised Kendrick, saying that not only does she give "you 1000 percent on camera," but that "she's also, like, totally goofy and ludicrously witty off-set, and also she can drink me under the table big time. We learned that fast."

Uh-oh. As it turns out, a getting-to-know-you session over drinks was totally necessary to achieve the bond that would allow the duo to act out their characters' intense relationship.

"When you have to work with somebody and meet them like in the same day and then the next week break up with them and fall in love and make out and fight, you kind of have to learn to trust them at a ludicrously unrealistic pace," Jordan said.

"The Last Five Years" is in theaters now.