These Photos Of Taylor Swift And Karlie Kloss' Road Trip Are Straight Out Of A Magaz—Oh, Wait

Annnnd that magazine would be 'Vogue.'

The number 13 has always been Taylor Swift's thing, and today—Friday, the 13th—is turning out to be a great day for her. First, her "Style" video dropped and now, mere hours later, her joint Vogue cover with Karlie Kloss is out. I'm, like, pretty exhausted from just writing about Taylor Swift today, so I can't even imagine how she feels, y'know, living such a full life. Dannnnng.

We already knew Taylor and Karlie were the IRL equivalent of the dancing girl emojis, but this spread—and accompanying interview—takes them to the next level.


The two blonde—and tall!—pals wear minimal makeup on the cover, letting their phenomenally clear skin and blue eyes do the talking. The spread delivers, big time—I mean, it's Vogue, what do you expect?—as it follows the two of them on a road trip to Big Sur. Not just any road trip, though—the fanciest one we've ever seen.

The photos prove that Karlie and Taylor's road trip fashion > my roadtrip fashion. I mean, their Airstream trailer has pony hair pillows. Enough said.

For more images and the full interview—including details on those nightgowns Taylor has waiting for you when you come over to watch TV at her apartment—head over to Vogue's website.