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All Of Taylor Swift's 'Red Lip, Classic' Moments From The 'Style' Video

I've got that red lip, classic thing that you like.

Taylor Swift's "Style" video is upon us, and much like the song's lyrics say, it's got that "James Dean day dream" look. In fact, most of it seems like a dream -- with foggy woodland scenes, slow motion and hazy colors. But one thing stands out bright: Taylor's "red lip, classic thing that you like."

Throughout the visual, Tay's lips pop amid soft grays and blues. Here are the best moments from Taylor's lips.

  1. Let's start with the obvious close-up
  2. We don't know what to stare at more: the lips or those icy blue hypnot-eyes?
  3. 'Oh hey, you just caught me in hiking in the woods with an impractical lace dress and perfect makeup'
  4. Oh.
  5. She's really got that perfectly parted lip thing happening
  6. 'Let's put these lips to use' - Taylor Swift
  7. When you're trying to apply lipstick in a dive bar bathroom...
  8. Here she is in a field with red lipstick on
  9. And now she's naked with red lipstick on
  10. A scene that was supposed to be all about the dude just turns into another scene about Taylor's lips
  11. You're supposed to take your makeup off before bed, but whatever.
  12. This is what a guy looks like with red lipstick on.
  13. When you check your lipstick in the rearview...
  14. BYE