Michele Crowe/MTV News

Laura Marano Reviews 'Bad Hair Day' Using Emojis, Remains ***Flawless

The hair flip emoji is necessary.

Laura Marano is as ***flawless IRL as you'd expect, so it's hard for us to imagine her having a bad hair day -- but that's unfortunately what happens to her character in her new film "Bad Hair Day."

The DCOM -- Disney Channel Original Movie (duh) -- stars Marano as teenage tech genius Monica who turns every single detail of her life into an online poll, including her campaign to be prom queen. But her bid for the crown hits a major snag when she wakes up the morning of the big dance with (you guessed it) a seriously bad 'do. She then meets Liz (Leigh-Allyn Baker), a former police officer tracking down a stolen necklace -- the same necklace Monica just happened to buy at a pawn shop.

That's when this DCOM goes from your typical high school comedy to the PG version of Paul Feig's "The Heat." Speaking to MTV News about her new flick, Marano told us what makes "Bad Hair Day" so different from other DCOMs and then used emojis to review her own performance. You do you, girl.

"Leigh-Allyn and I decided that I'm Sandra Bullock and she's Melissa McCarthy," Marano said of the "Heat" comparison. "It's something that I think parents and kids can watch together and really enjoy because Leigh-Allyn is hilarious for all ages."

"Bad Hair Day" premieres February 13 on the Disney Channel.