Fetty Wap Has Rap's Most Romantic Song Right Now And A Kanye West Co-Sign

'Hey, wassup, helloooooo.'

Fetty Wap has the most romantic rap song out right now. I've known this indisputable fact for a while and now that Kanye West put a stamp on the Paterson, New Jersey rookie, the whole world knows it too.

A friend put me on to Fetty's infectious love ode last summer, when he was still working his way through rap's underground. I thought it was cool, but the strength of his breakout single didn't occur to me until I saw him perform it at a club on Staten Island, New York on December 28.

Now everyone is hip, and just in time for Valentine's Day, too. Rihanna co-signed Fetty in her i-D magazine interview, saying that "Trap Queen" was the last song she purchased on iTunes, and both French Montana and Fabolous have done remixes to the track.

On Thursday, Kanye West gave Fetty the ultimate career boost when he brought him out on stage to perform the single during his Roc City Classic concert in New York City. Maybe there's a remix on the way too, who knows?

Look, Jay Z and Beyoncé like it.

So what makes this song so special, you ask? Well, ever since rap's mainstream explosion, MCs have been searching for the perfect way to express emotion without coming off as soft, and on "Trap Queen," Fetty nails his balancing act.

It all starts with the first line: "Hey, was sup, helloooooo." Sure, when approaching your crush, you could either say "hey," "wassup" or a simple "hello" will do, but combining all three greetings is just genius. You can't miss. Who isn't going to respond to that?

Fetty, who is in the trap (obviously), doesn't plan on staying there forever, and he needs the perfect girl by his side to make the transition out of the streets. Fetty and his "Trap Queen" do everything together: They shop at the mall and as a couple they set a goal to buy matching Lamborghinis.

The best part, though: They cook pies together. Who doesn't want that type of romance?