Ashley Rickards' Instagram

Is 'Awkward' Adding Matching Lacey And Jenna Boob Jobs?

Lacey's been suggesting her daughter consider enhancements for some time...

All parents dream of seeing their wishes for their children realized, and when "Awkward" returns, it looks like Lacey Hamilton will have a particular reason (or two) to be proud of her daughter Jenna.

Ladies and gentlemen: we present, with great privilege, mother-and-daughter boob jobs.

Ashley Rickards' Instagram

Since the first season of "Awkward," Lacey has urged her daughter to consider breast enhancement surgery as a means to cultivate some real self-confidence (you can watch Lacey attest to the surgery's magic in the video below), and it seems actors Nikki Deloach and Ashley Rickards, who play the mother and daughter, respectively, have taken Lacey's suggestion to the next level.

"No caption needed. Oh except those are not our real nipples," Rickards wrote with the featured Instagram photo. Could have had us fooled...

Think these ladies will turn heads with their new looks? Tell us if you got a good chuckle out of the photo, and be sure to keep up with MTV News for updates on the upcoming fifth and final "Awkward" season!