Exclusive: Voldemort Looks Adorable In This New Line Of 'Harry Potter' Toys

Pop! Goes the Weasley!

The newest wave of "Harry Potter" toys gives a whole new meaning to the magic spell "riddikulus."

Harry, Ron, Hermione and friends (and even one of their enemies) are shrinking down to pint-sized plastic form, as part of a new line of Pop! Vinyl Figures from Funk and Warner Bros. Consumer Products. The 3.75" toys are debuting at Toy Fair this weekend (February 14), and will be on sale in stores and online in July — just in time for Harry's birthday on July 31!

The lineup of toys features Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Hagrid, Snape and Voldemort. Check out the latter two Death Eaters in all their adorable glory for yourself:


I know we're not supposed to address him by name, so I hereby declare You Know Who shall from this moment forward be known as Voldycute. He's just that precious.