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This New Dating App Is Basically The Anti-Tinder

Willow is a new app that wants you to have a conversation with someone BEFORE you judge their pics.

We get it -- it sucks to be single around Valentine's Day this time of the year. (Don’t worry, we're not even going to mention the holiday-that-must-not-be-named.) But luckily, there’s yet another new way your phone can help you find love, and it puts an interesting twist on the dating app scene.

A new app called Willow was designed around the idea that love at first sight is basically B.S. When you’re swiping through Tinder, you’re hardcore judging people by their pics. And if you don’t like what you see, the other person’s getting the boot before you’ve even exchanged a “hello.”

But not on Willow. This is an app that’s full of questions, and it encourages people to talk first and reveal their photos later.


Here’s how it works. First, you create three custom questions and add them to your profile. They can be silly, existential -- basically whatever you want. Then, you browse through other people’s questions and choose the ones you want to answer. After you answer a question (or after someone’s answered yours), you can start chatting with that person.

But here’s the kicker: Only YOU get to decide when you want to reveal your photos. Meaning you can have an entire conversation with someone before finding out what they actually look like.

Basically, the idea is that you have to capture someone’s attention using your incredible wit and convo skills before you can stun them with your hotness. Overall, it sounds like a pretty good option for people who are sick of Tinder’s superficial, hot-or-not system.


Another added bonus? It helps get that initial conversation going. Trying to come up with something interesting to say to a stranger is almost always awkward, but when you’ve already answered questions the other person cares about, it makes for a great jumping off point.

Like a lot of other dating apps, you can narrow down your pool of potential suitors by gender, age, and location, and you can also specify if you’re looking for romance, friendship, or just a casual convo.

What do you think: Would you give Willow a shot? Sound off in the comments below.