This 'Uptown Funk' Parody Is Gonna Give It (Healthcare) To You

Don't believe me just watch (come on).

A song as popular as “Uptown Funk” is going to get its share of parodies, but how about a parody that aims to do good? Out2Enroll is here to help members of the LGBT community get enrolled for healthcare, and they’ve released a fun new musical PSA as part of their mission.

Why now? The deadline for free enrollment through the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) is February 15 (that’s this Sunday if you’re not good with dates). You can enroll by going to healthcare.gov, and Out2Enroll’s site can also assist you. You can get enrolled in a matter of minutes, less than the time it takes to watch this video, “Obamacare Hallelujah.”

Out2Enroll explains why this healthcare enrollment is so important to the LGBT community (besides that it’s important to get healthcare). The marketplace can’t treat you differently for your sexual orientation or gender identity, a form of prejudice members of the LGBT community unfortunately know too well. It also makes sure that a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS is no longer an excuse to deny people coverage. And the marketplace doesn’t ignore the “T” in LGBT – it makes sure to help transgender people too.

LGBT people historically have had a high rate of being uninsured, but we see that number dropping as a result of Obamacare being implemented. And hopefully this happy video will see a few more people get enrolled. “We wanted to create a fun video that speaks to the diversity of our community, especially younger LGBT Americans, and raises awareness ahead of the February 15th deadline to enroll,” said Out2Enroll’s Katie Keith.