Nick DeSantis/MTV News/Warner Bros.

This Valentine’s Day, Let Our Animated Oscar Movie Valentine GIFs Do The Talking

Bradley Cooper knows how you feel.

By Nick DeSantis

I suppose a heartfelt card, a Whitman’s Sampler and two dozen long stem roses would probably make that special someone in your life feel pretty great on Valentine’s Day, but where’s the creativity in that? Face it: it’s totally by-the-numbers, its going to cost you a nice chunk of change, and you’re probably going to botch up whatever profound message you end up scrawling into that card anyway.

Expressing yourself can be tough, but why go through all of that hassle when there’s a whole category at the Oscars featuring movies that are far better at eliciting a passionate reaction from people than you ever will? Oscar Best Picture nominees like "American Sniper," "Boyhood," "Birdman," "The Grand Budapest Hotel," "The Imitation Game" and "Whiplash" have been moving audiences the world over for months. Maybe it’s time you steal a little of that sparkle.

With that in mind, MTV News decided to provide our beloved tongue-tied readers with the Oscar Movie Valentine GIFs below. Think of each one as a bite-sized piece of top-notch cinema for that super-significant guy or girl in your life.

  1. "Whiplash"
  2. "The Grand Budapest Hotel"
  3. "Birdman"
  4. "The Grand Budapest Hotel"
  5. "Boyhood"
  6. "American Sniper"
  7. "The Imitation Game"
  8. "Boyhood"
  9. "American Sniper"
  10. "Whiplash"
  11. "Birdman"
  12. "Birdman"