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President Obama Can't Pronounce 'February,' Practices Air Basketball And Shouts 'YOLO' In This Hilarious Video

It's all to make sure you'll head to and get insured.

We've seen plenty of evidence that President Obama's comedic timing is pure gold, and his latest foray into funny is one of his best yet.

Teaming with Buzzfeed to direct people to and encourage them to get enrolled for insurance for 2015 by the Sunday, Feb. 15 deadline, the President stars in "Things Everybody Does But Doesn't Talk About."

And what are those things?

Come on, you know them: Making weird faces in the mirror; trying to correctly pronounce "February" over and over; practicing an air jump shot in his office; and plenty more -- seriously, just watch.

Also, he says "YOLO," which is somehow is at once amazing and further proof that that term needs to be retired. Shout out to Drake.