This Guy Created An Entire Dating Website For Himself

Tired of competing with other dudes on Tinder, Brandon Scott Wolf started

Girls claim they want a man with a sense of humor, but what about a really funny guy with the best online dating idea yet? Enter Brandon Scott Wolf, comedian, writer and the single man behind There are often too many fish in the digital sea, making it easy to get overwhelmed by creeps. This website is a welcomed alternative for any one-man type of woman, mostly because there's only one dude on it.

With the help of director Jorja Hudson, editor Ben McCarthy and web producer Molly Cameron, the single-party dating site was born. After looking at his profile, interested ladies can submit their own profile privately to determine if they're a match (hint: must love pie).

We sat down with Wolf to talk about dating and his website.

MTV: How did you get the idea to create your own dating site?

Brandon Scott Wolf: I wrote an online dating commercial parody about two years ago where an average guy pitched his own personal online dating site and after a handful of revisions I thought, 'I'm an average guy -- What's stopping me from creating my own personal online dating site?'

MTV: How many profile submissions have you received?

Wolf: As of right now over 80 people have created a profile and filled out the free online personality quiz.

MTV: Any memorable responses?

Wolf: There have been a few memorable responses. Mostly positive. One was from myself and that was really scary because I don't know who submitted that.

MTV: If you could do this again, would you?

Wolf:I think this is a once in a lifetime website and I really think it would be great if one day my grandkids ask me "How did you meet grandma?" and my answer is "On"

MTV: Is this just a joke?

Wolf: Honestly, I'm not sure. It is, but it isn't. It's parody, but it's also not parody if I start going on dates.

MTV: Has this amounted to any real dates?

Wolf: No dates as of yet. Though there might be.

MTV: You seem on the fence about whether or not to go on a date. When are you gonna go for it?

Wolf: I've been reading a profile here and there, but I have yet to sit down and really read them. A few have stood out and piqued my interest though and I think it would be amazing to meet a girl who I really click with through the site.