The 7 Strangest 'Real World' Fights That Involved Household Items (Oh, And Some Dog Poo)

From peanut butter to Bruno's burgers, the roommates have feuded over some peculiar things.

It's inevitable that if you're living with a bunch of people, differences about shared conditions and personal habits will eventually bubble to the surface. But it's an entirely different story if you're confined in a "Real World" space with a bunch of strangers you've never co-existed with before -- because those quarrels about shared household things really run the gamut.

On this week's episode, Bruno completely lost his cool when Tony and Jason consumed one of his burgers without permission.

"I don't touch none of your s**t," Bru scoffed, followed by a series of other expletives.

But this sudden, and seemingly strange, outburst was hardly the first of its kind. Relive seven other unforgettable brawls about housing issues -- whether it was about specific items or using them mid-fight -- and be sure to catch a new episode of "Real World: Skeletons" on Tuesday at 10/9c!

  1. That jar of PB will never be the same -- "Real World: San Francisco"

    Pedro was positively horrified when Puck stuck his fingers in the peanut butter, making it just one of many disagreements between the San Fran duo.

  2. "Was it YOURS to open up, you stupid b*tch?!" -- "Real World: Miami"

    Mail mix-ups can happen when the post arrives for multiple people. And who could forget a furious Dan storming down the stairs and flailing a letter that Melissa tore open without his consent?

  3. Throwing glasses for no real reason -- "Real World: Hawaii"

    An intoxicated Ruthie lashed out and decided to unleash her frustration on some perfectly innocent tumblers. Teck didn't take too lightly to the situation and reprimanded his roomie.

  4. "I threw a fork at him!" -- "Real World: Las Vegas"

    So the argument was technically about Brynn's growing jealousy of Steven and Trishelle's bond, but the image of the utensil laying on the ground (it was hurled at the hunky Southerner in the heat of the moment) is such an iconic one.

  5. Clean boys and messy girls -- "Real World: Brooklyn"

    It was a real battle of the sexes in the Big Apple: The guys were all about keeping their humble abode tidy, while the gals were satisfied living in messy conditions. Let the games begin...

  6. When signage doesn't go exactly as planned -- "Real World: St. Thomas"

    Trey made a concerted effort to get everyone on board with picking up after themselves, but pranksters Marie and Robb couldn't resist making a big ol' mess right by the "clean up after yourself" mini-poster.

  7. Bad doggie -- "Real World: Portland"

    Nia completely lost her s**t (no pun intended) when she stepped in Daisy's (aka Averey's beloved pup) droppings.