24 Times Ed Sheeran Was The Coolest Guy. Ever.

Happy birthday, Ed!

It’s Ed Sheeran's 24th birthday!

Ed certainly has a lot to be greatful for in this past year, with a hit album, a book, a tour, a documentary, his first VMA....I can keep going.

But he's also maintained the title as one of the coolest, down-to-earth, funny and humble guy in the music industry.

Yep, we are talking about you, Ed. So, Sheerios let's celebrate our favorite red head by taking a look at the 24 times he proved he was basically the coolest guy. ever.

  1. He's #1

    Let's start with the obvious.

  2. He's Open To Making New Friends

    I mean, who wouldn't be friends with Jay?

  3. His Thoughts Are Delicious

    And making me hungry.

  4. This Was His Halloween Costume

    Yeah, Baby!

  5. He Chilled With Kermit

    But where was Miss Piggy?

  6. Lady Gaga Knows Exactly Who He Is

    And it's not a Grammy waiter.

  7. His Facial Expression When He Won His First Moonman

    Which also happened to be his first U.S. award.

  8. He Was The First 'British Dude' On The Cover Of Vibe

    Easy, breezy, beautiful cover boy.

  9. He Stole Elton John's Glasses

    Which gave us this photo and we are forever grateful.

  10. He Asks Important Questions

    It's still a mystery.

  11. The Jenner Sisters Are Wearing His Face

    On their raincoat. Where can we purchase?

  12. He Turned Himself Into A Puppet

    And had a night of debauchery.

  13. He Sets Goals

    Aim high.

  14. Honored His Granddad

    He paid tribute to his grandfather by wearing his tie at the 2014 Grammy awards.

  15. Kool Guy

    He let John Mayer create this tattoo for him. Pretty spot on.

  16. He Can Turn Hip-Hop songs Into Country Hits

    It's magical.

  17. Not Afraid To Try New Things

    First time behind the wheel, why not do it on TV?

  18. This Gift From Taylor Swift Hangs In His House

    This is nothing short of perfection.

  19. It's Never Too Early For Doritos

    Treat Yo' Self.

  20. Makes Fans Dreams Come True

    Katie asked for Ed's hand in marriage, and he accepted. Tragically, Katie died after battling an aggressive form of cancer, but luckily her "dream came true."

  21. Has Some Serious Moves

    Seriously, who knew he could do that?

  22. Yolo

    Do you.

  23. He's Just Like Us

    If we ate everything listed above we would also have a food baby, but like Ed said, #Yolo.

  24. His Covers Are Simply Amazing

    Like ridiculously amazing. Just listen and fall in love with Ed all over again.