11 Of The Freakiest Sex Questions We've Ever Heard - Just In Time For Valentine's Day

What is a unicorn vagina, anyway?

We get some mind-boggling questions over at It’s Your (Sex) Life, but are more than happy to answer all of them. Remember, you can always hit us up to get quick and reliable answers to your sexual health questions. We’ve truly heard it all, but below are some highlights.

  1. Sperm Meditation

    I heard you can mentally turn off the tube that makes sperm so when you cum, it’s sperm-free semen. Is that true?

    I’m not sure who told you that, but you might want to find new friends. It is definitely NOT possible to achieve a transcendental sperm state where your semen magically can’t get someone pregnant. Luckily, condoms prevent pregnancy and STDs. Learning how to use them correctly is a much better mental exercise.

  2. Sex Sex

    Oral sex doesn’t count as like… sex sex, right?

    Oral sex, anal sex, and vaginal sex all count as sex (that’s why the word “sex” is included). Oral sex can’t get people pregnant, but you can def get STDs. Make sure you and your partner get tested before things get hot and heavy, and use protection every time.

  3. Unicorn Vagina

    I’ve had sex a bunch of times and never got pregnant. That means I prob can’t ever get pregnant, right?

    Every time you have sex, there’s a chance you could become pregnant. There isn’t a special time of the month where a magical unicorn chases away all of the sperm (although that would be pretty cool). Luckily, there are a TON of birth control options that come with some sweet perks.

  4. Wash Your Hands

    My boyfriend came on my hand and I used the bathroom before I washed my hands. Can I possibly be pregnant?

    If sperm gets into your vagina, you can become pregnant. If your partner fingered you and there was sperm on their fingers, the sperm can find your egg and make a baby. THAT SAID, it’s kind of a long shot that sperm was able to get there just from you going to the bathroom. When in doubt, emergency contraception can be used up to 5 days after having unprotected sex, but the sooner you take it, the more effective it is.

  5. Stoned Sperm

    Can weed make a guy infertile?

    There are some studies that show that pot can impact men’s sperm count, but it’s still pretty up in the air. That said, please don’t use pot for birth control; use these instead.

  6. Turn Down for What

    I took my birth control pill but I was hung over and threw it up. Can I get pregnant?

    If you puke within 2 hours of taking your birth control pill, you should take the next pill in your pack as if you missed the pill. Read the instructions that come with your birth control to see if you need to use a backup birth-control method (condoms!) for one week.

  7. Think of the Fishes

    Are birth control hormones messing with our water supply and killing fish?

    As our friends over at Bedsider point out—any birth control is better for the environment than no birth control. Humans have a massive impact on the environment, so bringing another one into the world contributes to that. Studies have also debunked the myth that birth control pills are the culprit for fish defects from estrogenic compounds in waterways.

  8. IUD NSA?!

    Are IUDs a government conspiracy?

    We’re huge fans of IUDs because they’re one of the most effective forms of birth control! Also, depending on which one you get, it can last up to 12 years. There’s zero evidence to show the government is using your IUD to eavesdrop on your pillow talk.

  9. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    I reused a condom, is that OK?

    NO. NO, IT IS NOT OK. There are plenty of things you should recycle-- condoms are not one of them. Use a condom, correctly, every time. You and your partner should get tested for STDs and use emergency contraception if necessary.

  10. Hot Tub Sex Machine

    Can I still get pregnant even if I had sex in a hot tub?

    There’s a chance you can become pregnant every time you have sex. That’s why it’s so important to use protection correctly and consistently. Hot tubs are not capable of boiling sperm.

  11. No More Sperm?

    If we already had sex once earlier, can I get pregnant if we have sex again? What if he didn’t get all the sperm out earlier?

    If nothing else, sperm are pretty resilient. There’s a chance you could become pregnant from pre-cum, even though the sperm count is lower. Birth Control is only effective if used correctly, each and every time you have sex. If you had unprotected sex, find your local clinic to get tested for STDs and pick up emergency contraception at your pharmacy.