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Drake's Canadian Accent In 'Jungle' Short Film -- Is That New?

The West Indian dialect from Toronto really came out.

With all this chatter about Yeezy season approaching, Drake dropped a short film called "Jungle" on Thursday (Feb. 12), to remind us that there will be some serious competition before a champ is crowned in the hip-hop arena this year.

Portions of the moody, 14-minute short are filmed in L.A. and his hometown, Toronto, and while the flashback footage is priceless -- mini Drake, with the ill 'fro rapping to the Fugees -- the first thing that struck me was his accent.

Is it just me, or is Drake sounding more Canadian than ever in "Jungle?"

Watching this reminded me of the first time I heard Idris Elba speak in an interview, after being enthralled with his character Stringer Bell on "The Wire." How did he hide that British accent so well? I was equally dumbfounded and impressed.

In this case, though, I'm 100 percent sure that Drake doesn't usually converse in that Jamaican-tinged T.O. accent -- at least to the general public -- because I've interviewed him face-to-face, even in Toronto, and the words that came out of his mouth didn't sound remotely similar to what I heard this morning.

(Drizzy at OVO Fest in 2013)

Of course, Drake was an actor before he got serious about rapping, so, like Idris Elba, he should be pretty good at turning accents on and off, but why was this the place that he decided to bring it out?

Did he feel like it added to the vibe of "Jungle," does it fit with the theme of his upcoming mixtape and his fourth album Views From The 6 (which is obviously named after Toronto), or did girls start telling him that they loved his accent in P-Reign's "DnF" video, so he decided to just run with it?

Early in the film, the straight Canadian accent comes out and halfway through, the West Indian dialect is especially highlighted during a brief conversation.

I'm not mad at it, I just felt like we had to talk about it for a second. And maybe Drake will eventually explain why...

Got any theories?